Automate Your Storage: Use Most likely Chests in Minecraft

The world of Minecraft is an enormous expanse of infinite potentialities, teeming with distinctive creatures, incredible buildings, and priceless sources. Among the many many thrilling options that this expansive world has to supply, the Minecraft Most likely Chests mod stands out as a outstanding addition. This mod considerably enhances the gameplay by introducing a plethora of chests and pots, which spawn in varied biomes and comprise a big selection of things. However beware, as some chests may not be what they appear.

This complete information goals to supply an in-depth exploration of the Minecraft Most likely Chests mod, protecting every part from its primary options to superior methods.

An Overview of Minecraft Most likely Chests

Minecraft Most likely Chests is a mod that provides an thrilling twist to the sport by introducing various kinds of chests and pots that spawn everywhere in the Minecraft world. These containers maintain an assortment of things, starting from easy instruments for caving to uncommon and priceless treasures. Nevertheless, these chests aren’t all the time benign – some may become hostile mimics that may assault the participant.

Furthermore, with the proper objects, gamers may even tame these mimics, turning them into pet mimics that may retailer objects and comply with the participant round. However to completely benefit from the Minecraft Most likely Chests mod, gamers want to grasp its varied options, necessities, and techniques.

Mod Necessities

Earlier than delving into the world of Minecraft Most likely Chests, it’s vital to grasp the mod’s necessities. This mod requires Geckolib and Material Config to perform correctly. These further mods present the mandatory framework for Minecraft Most likely Chests, enhancing its performance and making certain a seamless gaming expertise.

Setting Up Your Personal Server

Should you’re eager on exploring the Minecraft Most likely Chests mod with your mates, you may arrange your personal server. For a clean and hassle-free expertise, you will get an already setup, pre-configured server from Bisect Internet hosting. With their providers, you can begin your Minecraft Most likely Chests journey with your mates very quickly.

Understanding Keys and Locks

The Minecraft Most likely Chests mod introduces a singular system of keys and locks. There are 5 kinds of keys:

  • Iron Key: Opens issues with iron locks
  • Gold Key: Unlocks issues with gold locks
  • Void Key: Designed to unlock issues with void locks
  • Suspicious Key: Transforms a chest right into a secret mimic when used
  • Pleasant Key: Transforms a wild mimic or a chest right into a pleasant pet mimic

As well as, there are three sorts of locks:

  • Iron Lock: Can lock any kind of chest, together with pet mimics
  • Gold Lock: Can be utilized to lock gold chests
  • Void Lock: Appropriate for locking void chests

To unlock a chest and entry its contents, gamers want to make use of the suitable key. Nevertheless, be warned, even locked chests may become mimics.

The World Era

The Minecraft Most likely Chests mod enhances world technology by including chests and pots that spawn in varied biomes and depths. There are 9 kinds of chests that gamers can encounter:

  1. Regular Chests: Present in caves above y=0 and reasonable temperature biomes
  2. Lush Chests: Spawn in inexperienced biomes and luxurious caves
  3. Sandstone Chests: Present in scorching and arid biomes in addition to dripstone caves
  4. Molten Chests: Unique to the Nether
  5. Deepslate Chests: Seem under y=0
  6. Gold Chests: Uncommon chests that spawn under y=0
  7. Void Chests: Discovered within the Finish dimension
  8. Ice Chests: Spawn in chilly and icy biomes
  9. Coral Chests: Present in oceans and different water sources

These chests comprise a wide range of objects, together with keys for different chests. Nevertheless, Gold and Void chests are locked by default and require their respective keys to be unlocked.

As well as, there are 4 kinds of pots:

  1. Regular Pots: Frequent in most biomes
  2. Lush Pots: Present in inexperienced biomes and luxurious caves
  3. Sandstone Pots: Seem in scorching and arid biomes and dripstone caves
  4. Molten Pots: Unique to the Nether

The Thriller of Mimics

One of many distinctive options of the Minecraft Most likely Chests mod is the inclusion of mimics. These creatures can spawn from any chest when a participant interacts with it for the primary time. Mimics are quick, sturdy, and might deal important injury to gamers.

Wild mimics also can spawn naturally, and if left unattended for lengthy sufficient, they are going to enter sleep mode and mimic the looks of a chest. When killed, wild mimics can drop a Suspicious Eye, which will be mixed with a Suspicious Key to create a Pleasant Key. This key can be utilized to tame a wild mimic or rework a chest right into a pet mimic.

Pet Mimics: Your Loyal Companions

One other thrilling function of the Minecraft Most likely Chests mod is the flexibility to have pet mimics. Through the use of a Pleasant Key on a wild mimic or a chest, gamers can rework it right into a pet mimic. These creatures have the stock area of a double chest and can comply with the participant round, offering additional storage.

Gamers could make their pet mimic sit by sneak right-clicking, and they are often healed utilizing meat, identical to a wolf. Pet mimics can even assault something the participant assaults. If a participant locks a pet mimic utilizing an Iron Lock, the mimic will chew any participant who will not be their proprietor after they try to open it.

The Mimic Hand Bell: Abandoning and Reclaiming Mimics

In sure conditions, gamers may must abandon or commerce their mimics. That is the place the Mimic Hand Bell turns out to be useful. By right-clicking on the mimics they wish to preserve, gamers can add them to their preserve listing. In the event that they wish to take away a mimic from the listing, they will accomplish that by crouch-clicking. As soon as they’ve marked all of the mimics they wish to preserve, they will right-click on an amethyst cluster to desert all non-marked mimics.

Nevertheless, if a mimic is deserted by chance, gamers have a five-minute window to reclaim it utilizing the bell. After this era, the mimic turns into wild and aggressive.

Mimics and Fight: Methods and Ideas

Participating with mimics in fight generally is a difficult however rewarding expertise. Listed here are some methods to take care of wild mimics:

  • Put together Correctly: Equip your self with appropriate armor and weapons earlier than partaking a wild mimic
  • Use Distractions: Lure the mimic away from priceless buildings or objects to keep away from collateral injury
  • Assault from a Distance: Use ranged assaults like bows to break the mimic whereas retaining a protected distance
  • Staff Up: Be part of forces with different gamers to defeat the mimic and improve your possibilities of success

Upon defeating a wild mimic, it’d drop priceless objects, together with Mimic’s Eyes. These eyes will be mixed with a Suspicious Key to create a Pleasant Key, which can be utilized to tame wild mimics or rework chests into pet mimics.

Set up Minecraft Most likely Chests Mod

To put in the Minecraft Most likely Chests mod, comply with these steps:

  1. Obtain and set up Cloth and Cloth API
  2. Obtain the mod file
  3. Copy the Most likely Chests mod package deal to the .minecraft/mods folder. If this folder doesn’t exist, you may create it or reinstall Forge

When you’ve put in the mod, you’re able to embark in your Minecraft Most likely Chests journey. Keep in mind to method every chest with warning, put together your self for potential fight, and take advantage of the various loot you’ll discover within the totally different chests and pots. Blissful exploring!


Minecraft Most likely Chests provides an entire new dimension to the sport, providing a singular mix of exploration, fight, and treasure looking. Whether or not you’re a seasoned explorer or an informal participant, this mod ensures an thrilling and rewarding expertise. So gear up, set up the mod, and delve into the thrilling world of Minecraft Most likely Chests!